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Portland Marriage & Couples Counseling
Bernard McDowell, LCSW

Psychotherapist & Licensed Clinical Social Worker

811 NW 20th Avenue, Suite 104, Portland, Oregon 97209


Marriage Counseling General Orientation
How to Choose a Marriage Counselor
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of Relationships
When Communication
Isn't Working
Depression Dynamics in Relationships
Anger: Dynamics in Relationships
Advanced Couples Counseling Concepts

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Portland, Oregon


    After 16 years in Southeast, I've relocated my office to NW Portland at the address above. If you'd like to ask questions or make an appointment, please call and I'll be happy to speak with  you.  I don't text or email with clients as most questions deserve much more indepth responses and confidentiality than those formats foster.

Typically, I want to talk to you if you are a prospective client for up to 20 minutes to learn a little about what you're hoping to address.  After 25 years of couples counseling, I don't encounter many issues I haven't encountered before but I'd like to make sure your issues are in my domain of experience and interest.
In any case, there are always unique aspects to each person's issues, so an initial consult is always a good idea.  Again, don't hesitate to call. If it doesn't seem  like I'm the right person for you, I'm always happy to refer you to someone.

    This site provides indepth articles on marriage counseling and relationship issues as well as links to a variety of other topics related to counseling and psychotherapy. Specifically devoted to marriage counseling, (synonoymous with couples counseling), this site provides a thorough orientation to counseling for relationship problems whether a major crisis or a minor glitch. 

     If you have any questions regarding marriage, pre-marital, or couples counseling or on the topics listed below and/or are interested in counseling or consultation with Bernard McDowell, LCSW please call 503-234-9904.  In addition to  50 to 80 minute sessions, two day intensive sessions (4-5 hours per day) may be scheduled -- by special arrangements only. 

     For articles on other issues related to counseling in general and that often play a critical part in relationships you may wish to go to PortlandTherapist.com, my other site, serving as a complement to this one. There you will find my policies regarding confidentiality including a HIPAA required Privacy Notice indepth articles addressing:

Bernard McDowell, lcsw

811 NW 20th Avenue,

Suite 104,
Portland, Oregon 97209


Located at the corner of 
N.W. 20th and Johnson, Suite 104
Portland, Oregon.

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